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People who don’t go to UC Berkeley sometimes just can’t understand the weird things we deal with in our daily life here. To help shed light on the subject, we at the Clog put together five of the most common #justberkeleythings we all experience.
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Dwinelle Hall bathroom graffiti: a review

Let’s face it: Dwinelle Hall probably has the most objectively disgusting bathrooms on campus. Complete with toilets encased in plastic bags and an odor that reminds us of poop, B.O. and cheap perfume all at the same time, Dwinelle bathrooms should be avoided at all costs. Except, that is, when
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Photo Essay: Poems in the stalls

The public restroom stall: a paradoxical space that exists with the explicit purpose of providing privacy yet is public in both nature and name. Used and shared by all, these chambers provide an otherwise unattainable amount of privacy on a college campus with almost 40,000 students. Perhaps this is why
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Inspirational quotes from campus bathrooms

As a unique, anonymous platform for art and communication, bathroom graffiti can be many things — though it is, for the most part, messy, inflammatory and opinionated. Plastered across nearly every stall on campus from the third floor of Wheeler Hall to the notorious Doe Library, bathroom graffiti serves as a source of
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Clog’s favorite bathroom graffiti, thematically

UC Berkeley is home to some of the brightest minds in the world. Here within its hallowed halls, where many a Nobel laureate has sat to relieve themselves, lie bathroom stalls laden with golden graffiti — the musings of those seated on the porcelain throne. Here are Clog’s favorite bathroom messages in
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Table graffiti in Wheeler

Everyone knows that the desks in Wheeler are the perfect canvas to showcase the talents of all our school’s finest artists, deep thinkers and table destroyers. The auditorium houses a collection of masterpieces, some entertaining or thought provoking, while others might give you more nightmares than Miley Cyrus’s Instagram. For your
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