The Grammys scissor SZA’s hopes, dreams

While many of Sunday’s Grammy Awards went to deserving artists — Childish Gambino took home an award for “Redbone,” and Kendrick Lamar won four of his seven nominations — the glitzy night was not without snubs. One of the biggest disappointments? SZA, this year’s most-nominated woman, lost all five of her Grammy
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Power rankings: The 59th Annual Grammy Awards

If you didn’t watch the Grammy Awards last night, then what were you doing with your life? Wait. Who are we kidding? This is UC Berkeley. Sunday nights are for frantically finishing our homework from last week. While the night might have been all about Adele’s clean-sweep of the top awards
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Ranting on the Grammy Awards

I have always hated the Grammys. I hate how the nominees for Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year always seem to be reflections of the Top 40 charts. I hate that Lou Reed, the Band, Talking Heads, Notorious B.I.G., Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin,
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Best and Worst Dressed at the Grammys

Fashion at the Grammys is finally taking a step back from the outlandish extravagance of costumed gowns that took the lead of Lady Gaga. This year, sartorial risks were minimal: women wore sleek, form-fitting silhouettes while men who sought to make an impression opted out of black tie creative for
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Jay-Z’s audio engineer visits Berkeley

Young Guru stops in Berkeley as part of educational tour for students interested in audio engineering

Those behind the scenes in music rarely get properly recognized. This isn’t the case for Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Young Guru, who has engineered and mixed seven of Jay-Z’s 11 solo albums, as well as music from several other high-profile musicians. Guru kept mum about Jay-Z’s forthcoming album. “I can’t
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What we talk about when we talk about women

The Discomfort Zone

I’ve been thinking a lot on how people talk about women lately. The way my straight male friends talk about women; the way my guest lecturer talks about women; the way my parents talk about hypothetical women; and perhaps most of all, the way I talk about women. The reason
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This Week in Sound: 2012 Grammys Edition

So guys, about last night… Yup, the Grammys have come and gone once again this year. We got to see everything from the dance party led by David Guetta and Deadmau5 to the Beach Boys reunion performance, to Chris Brown dancing around on stage with some flying squirrels — I
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