Picks of the week: Berkeley’s backyard

During the school year, it’s easy to forget that there are so many great places to visit right in our campus’s backyard. If you’re in Berkeley for summer break, take the bus up to the UC Botanical Garden or the Lawrence Hall of Science, or catch a show at the
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Lorde is coming to Greek Theatre on Oct. 2

Lorde has recently announced her North American tour will include Berkeley’s very own Greek Theatre on Oct. 2. Many expect new music to be unveiled, which might be nice, if you are as sick of “Royals”  as almost anyone who has listened to the radio in the past year is. She
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Berkeley through the eyes of an anthropologist

By the time senior year rolls around, we’ve all developed our own unique relationship with our school and the surrounding city. The units might remind us of freshman year, and La Burrita might evoke memories of late-night snacking. But how might a newbie freshman view our campus? Read our satirical
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A fun.-filled night at the Hearst Greek Theatre

Last Friday and Sunday, crowds flooded the Hearst Greek Theatre to see arguably one of the most successful groups in popular music right now. You’ve probably heard their songs on the radio upwards of a thousand times, but what exactly has made fun. so successful?
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The Berkeley Experience

Whether you’re an 18-year-old freshman or a more seasoned transfer student, college is a life-changing experience, and at Cal it is infinitely more so: decades of tradition, excellent academics and some of the brightest minds all crammed together in a region that already has several claims to fame. The first
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All the City’s a Stage!

Berkeley smacks you in the face with culture. Everywhere you turn, there’s someone peddling hand-crafted works of art, showcasing their own breed of eccentricity or, if you are anywhere near the post office on Durant Avenue,  spraying the wall with color — a vivid and visceral yellow, to be specific.
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