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Grimes’ new music video is top-notch experimental cinema

  An all-American country queen, a Renaissance-inspired art student, a moody streetwear star and a dancer trapped in a cyber dreamland — this is the bizarre assortment of characters introduced in Grimes’ new music video for her latest hit, “California.” If you’re already thinking, “Holy crap, that sounds like a
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Tunesday: UFO-gazing

When it comes to spending a pleasant night scanning the sky for UFOs, there are no rules to hold you back. There are, however, some important criteria for a good playlist to keep you company on your vigil. UFO-gazing takes lots of patience and enthusiasm — it’s like fishing, but
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Staff Picks: 5 most endearing albums of 2015

I read an essay this year by Susan Sontag called “Notes on Camp,” in which she describes why art can be so bad that it’s good. She says that, in all great artists, we look for dreamers with wild ambition, passion for the artform and self-love. Sometimes, these ambitions fail
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Staff Picks: Top 5 albums I had on repeat in 2015

5) Beauty Behind the Madness — The Weeknd It’s hard to argue with this one considering the Weeknd was everywhere this year. When my roommate wasn’t playing Beauty Behind the Madness on repeat in our apartment while she did the dishes, hit singles “Can’t Feel My Face” and “The Hills”
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Grimes evolves sound, stays weird with ‘Art Angels’

Nearly four years ago, the Canadian artist, songwriter and real-life fairy Claire Boucher released her album Visions, which entranced the music scene with its imperfect loops, rough synth percussions and airy vocals. At the time, her astral, extradimensional electro-anti-pop album was considered her most approachable music project yet. But while
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Halloween playlist

Halloween playlists for every party

So you’re about to throw the best Halloween party ever. You’ve got the food, the atmosphere and the perfect costume. Everything is almost amazing — except for the fact that you’ve put off coming up with a playlist. Have no fear! The Clog is here to save the day with
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