Tunesday: Inspired by solo acts

Solo acts are usually one of two things:a horrendous idea, rooted in anartist’s overconfidence in his or her talent or a way for a musician to break from what he or she knows to experiment a bit. Bands have combusted from one artist wanting to do his own thing, while
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Tunesday: Cuddle weather

The weather’s cooling down, and it’s T-minus 10 days until Valentine’s Day. The Clog’s got a list for you to cuddle to (hey, who knows, maybe more). And if you don’t have anyone, hopefully that stuffed animal’s sufficient while you cry yourself to sleep to this playlist on Valentine’s Day.
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Tunesday: Pop Covers

It’s always interesting to hear artists cover the work of their peers, especially when it involves a mixing of genres and a crossing of musical boundaries. Inspired by Vampire Weekend’s recent cover of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines ( ),” this week I wanted to share some fun indie covers of
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Playlist of the week: Grin and bear it!

As time progresses, it seems like the hip and trendy thing to do in the music world is name your band after an animal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mammal or a fish or even a mythical creature (psssst Little Dragon). It’s scientifically proven that it increases coolness points by
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Top 10 albums of the year

The Daily Cal’s arts staff assesses the best tunes of the year 2012

1. Frank Ocean — Channel ORANGE Channel ORANGE is more than a collection of songs. It is an experience, a story about a crack addict in Arkansas, a stripper namedCleopatra, a rich kid raised my maids, a monk in a mosh pit and a man coping with his religion and
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Grizzly Bear expertly balance old and new material at Fox

One might wonder how a four-piece band like Grizzly Bear would be able to pull off their songs live with the help of only one extra touring member. After all, their songs tend to involve many time-signature changes, multifaceted vocal harmonies and instruments ranging from guitars and keys to woodwinds
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