A love poem to discussion sections

Oh, section for discussing:   What form of learning is as lovely and temperate as thee? Even the fairest maiden is not as fair as your attendance policy.   And when in disgrace with fortune — or midterms, Your four walls house my raving discontent. When our professor swears that
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never have i ever

21 UC Berkeley-themed ‘Never Have I Ever’ ideas

Everyone knows the deal: You’re with a large group of people who don’t know each other super well, and we, being the curious people we are, want to dive straight into the nitty-gritty — so someone suggests “Never Have I Ever.” We at the Clog have come up with some UC Berkeley-related
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5 things you want to explain to your GSI

The end of the semester has (FINALLY) arrived, and at this point, you’ve established a unique reputation with your GSI. Whether they know you as the one who’s constantly eating during class or that student who always falls asleep, we can’t help but feel they’re constantly judging us, and there’re a
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Small awkward situations UC Berkeley students experience

As awkward as you may be, there are some situations that have made or will potentially make you feel even more uncomfortable than you already are. What sucks even more is, most of these situations are out of your control. So be prepared to experience some of these scenarios if you haven’t
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Linsha Qi/Staff

A GSI’s guide to succeed in section

Hoping to succeed in section? Wondering what your GSIs are looking for? Seven GSIs sat down with the Daily Clog to answer a few questions that might just help you realize that discussion is about so much more than just getting an A. 1. Kevin Xu, Biology 1A GSI CLOG: What’s a
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7 types of people in your discussion section

We at the Clog strongly feel that walking into discussion is like walking into an episode of “The Twilight Zone” — although the faces of the people in your class are all different, their personalities are eerily the same. We’ve compiled a list of ancient archetypes to prove our point, and if
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Administrative salary increase is needed

While this increase does not directly affect other employees on campus, however, the comparison is not favorable. As GSIs fight for the right to unionize, administrative pay increases. Lecturers and adjuncts struggle without health care coverage or adequate pay in a battle that should be the shame of academia, but administrative pay increases. Facilities age and construction drags on, but administrative pay increases. Tuition soars and will likely increase to the rate of whatever the market will bear, but administrative pay increases.
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