The unsung heroes of UC Berkeley

Amid the never-ending midterm season, it’s easy to get caught up in a negative mindset. During the struggle of seemingly endless studying it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the many saving graces at UC Berkeley. From us at the Clog, here’s a simple thank you to all of
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A scientific study of UC Berkeley’s GSIs

The common graduate student instructor, Latin name Eruditorem discipulus, is a moderately large, library-dwelling breed endemic to the campus and surrounding areas of UC Berkeley. Despite its relatively frequent appearance in classrooms and other areas associated with learning and knowledge, the graduate student instructor, or GSI, is still a favorite
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Valentine’s Day role play

For everyone who’s been looking to get fresh and zesty with their Valentine, the Clog’s got you covered. Role play can get you talking with bae like you never imagined you would. Relive the excitement and inelegance of your first date, and remember why you fell in love with that
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Things that are worse than losing to USC football

There are many things that affect us directly and we should care about much more than our football rankings. So before you get bummed about the USC game, just remember: Your life sucks too much for you to care about something that, quite honestly, doesn’t change your life as much
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First quiz of the semester in a nightmare

On the night before your first quiz of the semester, you turn off the lights, happily snuggle into the sheets and hope for sweet dreams. Before your big day, however, you’re feeling a little anxious. Because this feeling quickly spirals out of control, you won’t be dreaming about cheerfully riding a unicorn into
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A love poem to discussion sections

Oh, section for discussing:   What form of learning is as lovely and temperate as thee? Even the fairest maiden is not as fair as your attendance policy.   And when in disgrace with fortune — or midterms, Your four walls house my raving discontent. When our professor swears that
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never have i ever

21 UC Berkeley-themed ‘Never Have I Ever’ ideas

Everyone knows the deal: You’re with a large group of people who don’t know each other super well, and we, being the curious people we are, want to dive straight into the nitty-gritty — so someone suggests “Never Have I Ever.” We at the Clog have come up with some UC Berkeley-related
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5 things you want to explain to your GSI

The end of the semester has (FINALLY) arrived, and at this point, you’ve established a unique reputation with your GSI. Whether they know you as the one who’s constantly eating during class or that student who always falls asleep, we can’t help but feel they’re constantly judging us, and there’re a
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