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A GSI’s guide to succeed in section

Hoping to succeed in section? Wondering what your GSIs are looking for? Seven GSIs sat down with the Daily Clog to answer a few questions that might just help you realize that discussion is about so much more than just getting an A. 1. Kevin Xu, Biology 1A GSI CLOG: What’s a
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7 types of people in your discussion section

We at the Clog strongly feel that walking into discussion is like walking into an episode of “The Twilight Zone” — although the faces of the people in your class are all different, their personalities are eerily the same. We’ve compiled a list of ancient archetypes to prove our point, and if
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Administrative salary increase is needed

While this increase does not directly affect other employees on campus, however, the comparison is not favorable. As GSIs fight for the right to unionize, administrative pay increases. Lecturers and adjuncts struggle without health care coverage or adequate pay in a battle that should be the shame of academia, but administrative pay increases. Facilities age and construction drags on, but administrative pay increases. Tuition soars and will likely increase to the rate of whatever the market will bear, but administrative pay increases.
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A teach-in about income inequality was held in Lewis Hall.

Why befriending your GSI is a good thing

They aren’t professors, but they might as well be. They stand just as tall, instill just as much fear and have similar authority and expertise. Yes, GSIs are human too, but their bank of knowledge puts them on a higher pedestal than most students realize. Most students just look at
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Tips on surviving awkward Berkeley problems

As UC Berkeley students, we take comfort in the fact that we are all a big group of weird individuals. We share experiences and memories that transcend our majors and extracurriculars. Here are some problems we’ve all faced and can overcome together. You are never alone. Having a crush on
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UC Berkeley Bingo: first day of class edition

Well, Bears, the day has finally come. It’s the first day of instruction. Whether you’re super excited about your classes or just fulfilling a breadth requirement, most of us can agree that the first lecture of any class is pretty dry. While your section goes around playing two truths and a lie,
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Can...Should You Date Your GSI

Should you date your GSI?

It is indeed discouraging to be staring at what appears to be a colossal train wreck, only to realize that you’ve been looking out onto the history of your love life over the past couple of years. Berkeley was supposed to be your time to sweep people off their feet
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Cal Grads Have It Good Too

Graduate school at Cal … not too shabby

After a particularly long week of class that culminates in a rather pointless discussion section at 5 p.m. on a Friday, you might be letting your thoughts stray to other things like the weekend, or maybe spring break. Looking around, you’re fairly sure that everyone is echoing similar statements, except
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