Corn and black bean guacamole

We’ve all been there — standing in line at Chipotle. We have succumbed to paying a couple more dollars for a small scoop of some delicious guacamole. Luckily, we don’t have to anymore. Not only is guac significantly cheaper to make on your own, it’s also surprisingly easy and fun to whip up. You can step up your game even further by adding surprises like corn and black bean, like we do in this recipe that serves three. Just be sure to share with your friends.
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Let’s taco ’bout Taco Tuesday

There are a few particular spots that UC Berkeley students seem to flock to each week to celebrate the beloved practice that is Taco Tuesday. And while I enjoy splitting a pitcher or two at Cafe Durant or Remy’s as much as just about anyone, why not mix it up
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How to navigate Chipotle’s menu

We at the Daily Clog are not ashamed to admit that we often frequent the house of the original burrito bowl — Chipotle. Our time spent at Chipotle has been focused on navigating the many options available, options which most people know nothing about. There seems to be a misconception
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Have a super Super Bowl making these recipes

So we heard you’re having a Super Bowl party. We also heard that Matt invited his new girlfriend, who wants to bring along a few of her friends — and that Lauren’s now bringing her brother, who drove up for the weekend with some high school friends, who all want to come, too. So
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4 cold meals for hot days

You know what’s oppressive? The system? Maybe. “The Man”? Possibly. But we were actually thinking about the heat. Sometimes you really want to cook something creative and complex, but the heat seems to push you away from the kitchen. Experimenting with recipes suddenly seems much less fun once you realize
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