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Nation needs stricter, safer gun control

Approximately 270 million people in the United States own firearms. The United States also has the highest gun ownership rate per 100 residents on the planet, with an estimated 466 crimes per 100,000 people. This raises questions regarding whether or not the ability for American citizens to obtain guns should
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Constant gun violence necessitates call to action

NATIONAL ISSUES: Students must be part of the conversation around preventing gun violence that affects their own lives and the lives of those around them

We think we speak for most Americans when we say we’re sickened, we’re frustrated, we’re angry and we’re a little bit scared. And the worst part is how many times we’ve said this before. Nothing that happened Thursday in Roseburg, Oregon, is new. It has all happened before — in
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Moving past a violent culture

The Berkeley Circus

A simple ratio of gun ownership to gun homicide shows an average American person is three times more likely to be killed by gun homicide than an average Swiss person is. Americans not only have more guns, but they’re also more likely to use those guns to commit homicide. But it’s
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Addressing gun violence in the bay

Growing up in the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm, I could only dream and imagine about how different life in the United States would be. Yet, 20 years later in Oakland, it feels almost as violent as the warzone my family and I tried to escape. It has been
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gun over american flag

A dummy’s guide to winning gun control debates

The right to choose

Rarely does a day pass before I hear or see another incredulous pro-gun argument in one medium or another. I see the memes on Facebook that say, “This woman fought back a burglar with a GUN! TAKE THAT, GUN CONTROL!” and the like. So I thought I would take a
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Why you don’t care about politics

The right to choose

We all watch the news. We all recognize the famous public figures in the American political discourse: the president, a senator or two and maybe even your House Representative. We all have some opinion on the politics that govern our country. But rarely do we care about what these people
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