Top 4 places to trick-or-treat in Berkeley

We know what you’re thinking: Aren’t college students too old to trick-or-treat? Well, we at the Clog disagree. As broke college students, it should be in our best interests to swipe up as many free things as possible. To aid you in your quest for gratis, we at the Clog
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Southside Italian food: Pasta Bene vs. Gypsy’s

We’re talking Southside: People’s Park, late-night, restaurants with diabetes-inducing food. Either you’re sane, or you’re like us and thinking about Pasta Bene and Gypsy’s. Sometimes, when we have those unnatural cravings for Italian food, we find ourselves stuck between the two — pondering which one will have the right dish for
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How to avoid (or gain) the Freshman 15

It can be difficult to keep the Freshman 15 in mind when you go to the dining commons or out to dinner with a group of new friends during Welcome Week. Berkeley’s foodie culture means there’s no shortage of options to enchant your taste buds and keep you exploring the
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A guide to UC Berkeley for parents and visitors

In the weeks leading up to move-in day, thousands of parents and families visit Berkeley to help their proud new freshmen move into the residence halls. It’s difficult to figure out the logistics of moving in, especially if it’s your first time visiting Berkeley. With this in mind, the Daily Clog put
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Did you know Asian Ghetto Delivery is a real thing?

No, really. One day in late September, junior Daniel Sokolovsky posted an innocent Facebook status: “Would anyone be interested in delivery from Asian Ghetto?” Facebook quickly responded, “Make this happen!” That night, Sokolovsky bought a domain name — ghettodelivery.com — and set it up the next day. But that first
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Let’s talk about quotas

CITY AFFAIRS: The city should work harder to hear local business input when making vital decisions on where businesses can operate.

Berkeley City Council made the right decision Tuesday in choosing to defer a vote that could determine whether and where certain businesses can operate on Telegraph Avenue. Before the vote is taken, the city needs to do more to involve the area’s business owners in this important discussion, which could
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J.D. web

Table for one, please

Don’t worry,” I told the cashier as I tried to stop the blood flowing from my nose. “I’m used to this.” He gave me a puzzled look before gesturing to the restaurant’s kitchen and telling me to wash my hands there when I was ready. The nosebleed — which conveniently
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