Picks of the Week: From ‘Gorgeous’ to the Bangles

“Gorgeous” at the Asian Art Museum “What draws you in? What pushes you away?” asks the Asian Art Museum in regards to its latest exhibit “Gorgeous.” “Gorgeous,” which runs through September, presents the fine line between grit and beauty, blending painting, sculpture, photography and design in a stunning amalgamation. Stand-out
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Shakespeare on Sproul

He was a far cry from the London stage where William Shakespeare first staged his plays, but Friday on Sproul, “Space Cadet” Billie was Prince Hamlet. Wearing a black Superman shirt and a trailing blue cape, the amateur dancer and longtime sufferer from schizophrenia attracted a gathering of UC Berkeley
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Revealing universal truths in play ‘Wittenberg’

In some beautifully strange parallel universe, Doctor Faustus tempted Martin Luther to condemn the papacy. Both men, as professors at University of Wittenberg, mentored Prince Hamlet — compounding the brooding young man’s internal conflicts. This is life in “Wittenberg,” which seamlessly integrates the stories of “Hamlet” and “Doctor Faustus” into
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