Administrative exodus

Over half of the chancellor’s cabinet has announced their resignations since April 2015

Over half of the chancellor’s cabinet has announced their resignations in the past 19 months, including all but one of the campus’s vice chancellors and vice provosts, casting doubt on UC Berkeley’s reputation and ability to govern itself effectively.
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New scholarship rewards young talent in STEM fields

Eight UC Berkeley students will each receive $5,000 a year as part of the STEM Scholarship Program, a new undergraduate program that will provide financial aid to students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math.
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ASUC Auxiliary realignment is disrespectful of student voice

The ASUC is a unique student government with a rich 125-year history of being a vehicle for student agency and power at UC Berkeley. It is an organization that during CalSO is often touted as being an “autonomous” student government. Well, the reality is that this notion of “autonomy” is
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March 2nd Protest

UC Berkeley faculty, administration endorse March protest events

In the final stretch leading up to the protest events scheduled to begin Thursday, both UC Berkeley administration and faculty have indicated support, with some pledging to participate in rallies in Sacramento and even the four-day “99 Mile March for Education and Social Justice” to the state Capitol. In a
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