Power ranking: shittiest buildings on campus

UC Berkeley may be an elite institution, but it does have some pretty shitty buildings. We at the Clog have hand-picked the worst of them all, not only to call attention to the issue, but also to celebrate the imperfect-yet-lovable buildings that populate our campus. The buildings will be ranked according
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Half-chocolate, half-vanilla

It was cool at the time

I’m sure you know this already, but in case you forgot, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks. Like most people, I love birthdays. If I’ve accomplished nothing else in a year, at least I’ve stayed alive another 365 days, and that’s absolutely cause for a party. I’ve
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Berkeley School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

We’re all too familiar with the scenario of having to trek through four floors of Main Stacks with three bags hanging off our shoulders and a large stack of books under one arm in a bleak attempt to search for an open seat. It takes a miracle and a half
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‘Fantastic Beasts’ is (almost) fantastic

The great joy of revisiting the wizarding world of Harry Potter is spending time with its characters. Any chance to thumb through well-worn pages of the novels or tune into a Freeform (formerly ABC Family) marathon of the films feels less like experiencing a story and more like catching up
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Late blooming

My younger brother was the first person to show me “What Makes You Beautiful,” released in 2011. We probably played that song 30 times that afternoon and danced nonstop around the living room the whole time. We watched the music video and critiqued the attractiveness of all the lead singers
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pumjpkin mix

Fall food finds at Trader Joe’s

The leaves are falling and shops are stockpiling their shelves with candles titled “Autumn Cinnamon Strudel.” All of these are clear signs that fall is upon us. Time to break out your coziest flannel and hop in line for those pumpkin spice lattes. But if you’re looking for those extra
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