Dearest Rowling: Nothing short of Amortentia will give us HarrMione

Although the “Harry Potter” book series technically ended in 2007 with “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” J.K. Rowling seems to insist on looking back and altering her opinions on what she has already written. What Rowling said this past weekend truly caused a flurry within the Harry Potter fandom,
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Unmasking Robert Galbraith will surprise you

Avid readers are surprised to discover just how wonderful Robert Galbraith’s breakout novel, “The Cuckoo’s Calling,” turned out to be. In fact, Galbraith’s storytelling was so incredible for a first novel that it was hard to believe that this was a first book of a fledgling author. Before you ask
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Can’t buy me love

Broke in Berkeley

When I first met the guy I was going to marry, he told me he had a book called “Dating for Under a Dollar.” I didn’t believe him until he showed me. His parents had raised him in a lifestyle he cheerfully called “frugal” rather than “cheap.” Most of the
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Random roommates and the hero’s journey

“Beowulf,” “The Odyssey,” “Avatar: The Last Airbender” — what do these legendary works all have in common? That’s right,  they follow Joseph Campbell’s good ol’  hero’s journey, or monomyth. Unless you are a comparative literature major, you may not have not given serious thought to this pattern since high school English class.
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Rally at Sather Gate

So you got into Berkeley

Congratulations! We encourage you to practice your version of this Cal reaction. But what if you have other offers, and your heart is torn? You might already know that UC Berkeley is the No. 1 public university in the world. You also already know that Berkeley is in sunny California with
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Berkeley Public Library

The perks of the Berkeley Public Library

OK, we know that UC Berkeley has a ridiculous number of libraries — 32, to be exact. So why on Earth would you venture over to Kittredge Street to go to the public library when there are study spots, big and small, literally all across campus? Here are four very
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Immerse yourself in the Hogwarts curriculum while studying abroad

Attention all education majors: If two of your passions include travel and the magical world of “Harry Potter,” the Clog’s got some great news for you. England’s acclaimed Durham University is offering education majors the opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of Hogwarts with the addition of a class dedicated solely
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