Berkeley Public Library

The perks of the Berkeley Public Library

OK, we know that UC Berkeley has a ridiculous number of libraries — 32, to be exact. So why on Earth would you venture over to Kittredge Street to go to the public library when there are study spots, big and small, literally all across campus? Here are four very
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Immerse yourself in the Hogwarts curriculum while studying abroad

Attention all education majors: If two of your passions include travel and the magical world of “Harry Potter,” the Clog’s got some great news for you. England’s acclaimed Durham University is offering education majors the opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of Hogwarts with the addition of a class dedicated solely
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A blend of the world

Salas in solace

Disclaimer: I am not a “cat person,” or for that matter a “dog person.” If anything, I would be an “animal person,” but that is neither here nor there. I recently played a card game called Kittens in a Blender. The purpose of the game is to save your own
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Daniel Radcliffe stars in horror film

The Woman in Black” begins with all the prerequisites of classic horror. There’s the fog, the ominous music and the sinister visages of antique dolls. Three young girls appear, clad in identical clothing a la the twisted twins of “The Shining” and a tragedy strikes. We’ve seen this pattern before,
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