Boston's Skyline

Boston was a city of firsts for our group’s ‘last’ trip

As a Californian, sometimes I forget that our involvement with the history of the United States doesn’t go back very far. California, a late 19th century state, is one of those middle children of the U.S. family. The East Coast — the older sisters — is where what we know as the United
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10 Ways To Avoid Cal Day

10 ways to avoid Cal Day

For all of us who shrink from the premise of human contact, Cal Day isn’t necessarily the most exciting time of year. The massive number of people jammed into the normally vast Sproul can bring out that inner sense of claustrophobia you held in as a child, and if you’re
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Fossil fuel middle ground

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: In light of the ASUC Senate’s call to divest from the fossil fuel industry, UC officials should consider creating a special fund.

The ASUC Senate took a laudable step toward environmental responsibility by passing a bill to divest any of its funds from the fossil fuel industry. Yet such divestment on a UC systemwide scale, which the bill also recommends, is not the most prudent move for the university. As a matter
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The Ivy League’s Asian problem

The Devil's Advocate

Last month, the gatekeepers to some of America’s top colleges gathered at a four-star hotel in Los Angeles to discuss what The Chronicle of Higher Education called “the next frontier” in college admissions: the evaluation of applicants’ “noncognitive” attributes. Put less glamorously, the assembled admissions experts brainstormed ways for the admissions process
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Jesus’ potential main squeeze

Religiously Inclined

A tiny scrap of papyrus is creating quite the buzz lately. Last Tuesday,  Harvard Divinity School professor Karen King made public the text of this tentatively authentic fragment, which includes an alleged quote from Jesus saying the phrase “My wife …” followed by, “She will be able to be my disciple.”
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