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The world is a locker room

Sports with Sophie

Do you feel demeaned? Upset? Beaten down? Worthless? Angry? Now you know how the Harvard women’s soccer team felt two weeks ago after hearing that the men’s team had created a document that ranked each and every one of them based on their attractiveness and sexuality.
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Study finds social pressure drives voter turnout

When people decide whether or not to vote, they probably aren’t expecting to cast the tie-breaking ballot. Instead, a growing body of research suggests voters go to the polls as a result of pressure from others — voting to avoid the social stigma of having shirked their civic duty.
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Bears escape with 2 wins at Service Academy Classic

Cal volleyball co-captains Maddy Kerr and Lillian Schonewise led the Bears into the Pentagon Athletic Center, the recreational facility under the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense. Military personnel walked right beside the Bears (5-4) and escorted them to and from the gym in addition to screening them for
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