‘I hate you’ vs. ‘We hate them’ — ‘Hate Man’ documentary warns against the dangers of group aggression

Mark Hawthorne, also known as Hate Man, was a figure in the Berkeley community
Jane Tyska / Bay Area News Group/Courtesy

“BUT I TELL YOU A MYSTERY,” a young man emphatically preaches to his audience of 10 in an early-2000s clip of Sproul Plaza. “But I tell YOU a mystery,” retorts a shaggy, bearded heckler from directly behind the preacher’s head. “WE SHALL NOT ALL SLEEP,” the preacher says in vain
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10 local figures you ought to know

Walking around Berkeley, you will likely meet a wide host of characters. From classmates to custodians, from city officials to campus administrators, the faces of Berkeley are numerous and varied. Below we have included some of the more prominent figures you are like to see or read about both on campus and around the city of Berkeley.
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A walk down Telegraph

A stroll through Telegraph Avenue’s influence on the campus community

Take a walk through the iconic green arches of Sather Gate will find yourself at the historical starting point of one of the most defining passageways of the city of Berkeley: Telegraph Avenue. Today, with campus expansion, the street begins at the intersection with Bancroft Way and stretches for 4.5
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