Golden bears or golden ghosts?

The spirits have risen from behind Moses Hall, the monsters are crawling out of the basement of Sproul Hall and all of Nicholas Dirks’ dirty laundry is being slowly discovered in the secret tunnels underneath Wheeler Hall’s auditorium. Halloween is the time when all of our school’s hidden horrors come
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A real haunted house: the spirits of Lothlorien

Lothlorien sits near the corner of Channing and Prospect, removed from the street by a series of unlit cement steps obscured by tangled tree branches. Inside the student cooperative, dozens of students and two ghosts make their home. The co-op is made up of two large houses separated by a
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Spooky places in Berkeley that you should haunt this Halloween

Months of extraordinary outfit planning and event anticipation have finally culminated in a Halloween that may just harbor the best festivities we’ve ever experienced. Kick off the spooktacular weekend with a little All Hallows’ Eve on Friday, then shift gears pronto for some Dia de Muertos monstrosity to cap off the terror-iffic
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Desiree Diaz/Staff

Coolest places on campus to throw a Halloween party

With Halloween coming up in only a couple of days, we bet you’ve been sitting in the North Reading Room, attempting to study for midterms, thinking, “This would be an awesome place to throw a Halloween party.” Well, that’s weird — that’s exactly what we were thinking! So we put
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wurster hall

Haunted places on campus (part 2 of 2)

(Disclaimer: All the places, names and quotes are used fictitiously. None of this is real — absolutely none of it.) Earlier this week, we fed some rumors about some allegedly “haunted” places on and around campus. Now, we bring you our second installment of creepy Berkeley locales: 4. The stairwells in
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