Basking under the Hawaiian sunlight

I took my first trip to Hawaii when I turned 13 years old. My recollections of the stay are mostly blurry, consisting of postcard-like palm trees, an abundance of snow-white pigeons, beautifully dressed hula dancers and an array of Hawaiian flowers of all colors. I am still able to recall
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Cal men’s tennis routs both Hawai’i, USF, 4-0

No. 3 junior Andre Goransson was focused in the rally and placing every ball on his opponent, USF’s Nils Skajaa’s weaker backhand. Skajaa surprised Goransson by giving a deep return on his backhand, but Goransson moved quickly and took the shot on his forehand. He ripped the ball across the
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My semester at sea: first stop in Hawaii

This semester, I am traveling aboard a small cruise ship, the MV Explorer, to 13 different countries around the world with the Semester at Sea study abroad program. Including my flight back from London, I will travel completely around the globe. And I’m doing it with more than 500 other
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Spring forward, fall back

Reel Life

On Sunday, Nov. 4, daylight saving time for the 2012 calendar year will end. Consequently, at the brink of 2 a.m., 48 states — with the exceptions of Arizona and Hawaii — will turn back their clocks one hour and revert back to standard time. Amtrak trains will stop dead
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