A comprehensive list of things we don’t need

These days it seems as though everyone is constantly trying to push something on someone, whether that be political opinions or ad sponsorships, lifestyle changes or unwarranted fashion advice. To illustrate all of the extraneous nonsense that we could do without, we at the Clog have compiled a comprehensive list
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Rendezvous at Rivoli

Now that a tumultuous spring semester is over and the graduating seniors are done with their lengthy celebrations, this is possibly the best time for lovers of all fine things to explore Berkeley’s offerings  — in terms of food, of course. Located on classy Solano Avenue, Rivoli shows us just how combining
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The myths about ‘healthy’ snacks

It can be quite difficult to keep that freshmen 15, sophomore 20 and even the junior 30 at bay, especially during the end of the semester, which can make eating (and in some cases, showering) difficult. Things get even more challenging when foods that claim to be “healthy” are not
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Best of healthy eating apps

It can be hard to eat healthy when you’re away from mom’s cooking and have a busy schedule. That’s why we tested out many healthy eating apps and created pros and cons lists for different apps that will fit into whatever food lifestyle you have or want to achieve. Whether
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Snacks for transitioning from midterm season to bikini season

Behold: midterm season. It seems like we were just taking last semester’s finals, and now we’re full force into midterms. You’re ready to indulge in that late-night pizza or mid-day ice cream cookie sandwich, but your brain tells your heart that you must resist because beware — bikini season! It’s
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