How to deal with smelly feet

Summer is officially here, and for some, that means the unleashing of vile stenches that no being should ever have to be exposed to. We at the Clog hope to come to your rescue and alleviate some of your odor-ious woes.
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Lecture halls worse than Wheeler

Wheeler hall is actually not half bad for a lecture space. But everything looks greener on the other side, right? We at the Clog actually miss Wheeler Hall — for all its heat, humidity and ability to induce yawns. At least it was a semi-cheerful, partially-breathable room for us to
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Dear Californians: It’s called weather

After coming to UC Berkeley, you learn one thing about Golden State natives: Weather freaks them out. If the temperature isn’t between 70 and 80 degrees, you can bet there will be Snapchats, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures complaining about it. Since we’re now immersed fully into fall, we’ve already
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10 ways to deal with weird weather

Here in Berkeley, it’s pretty much a reliable notion that the weather forecast is going to be unreliable every second of every day. No matter what your weather app says, it’s going to turn from freezing cold to scorching hot within a matter of minutes — and rain likes to
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Quiz: How should you cure your foot stank?

There’s nothing better than getting hot and zesty in your favorite summer kicks. But we all know someone who suffers from bromodosis, the inability to control foot stank. Sometimes the ones we love most can pungently hurt us the most, but there is a way to remedy this situation. We at
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An open letter to our roommates: Clog wants a water slide

To our dear housemates/apartmentmates/roommates, As we all know, summer has officially begun. The weather is — slowly but surely — getting warmer. The sun is — sometimes — out. And our urge to slip on a bathing suit and engage in activities of the wet and wild persuasion has commenced. No, not that
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