Picks of the Week: Fun on Friday

Check these Friday events out for something to cure that postbreak sadness. ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ The next movie in the Marvel universe sees Chris Evans reprise his role as the star-spangled Avenger who now works for spy agency SHIELD in the modern day. Captain America faces a new
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Overheard at the Oscars

Ellen DeGeneres is up onstage introducing the presenters for one of those awards that no one really cares about, except if they were nominated. All the A-listers in the audience start to quietly talk to one another in order to escape the snooze-fest. Over in the “Wolf of Wall Street”
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‘Her’ is an age-old love story in a futuristic time

In a year of Glassholes, smartphone trolling and an explosion in the amount of attention paid to artificially intelligent or robotic technologies, “Her” offers a safe and inviting image of a technology-obsessed future. The new Spike Jonze feature, while getting the details of how most humans actually interact with technology completely
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