A booty call to theater

Cutting Room Floor

I didn’t need a big part in every show, or even in most shows — but I think the parts you gave me were a symptom of our incompatibility.
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Bringing back old memories

Once we’re in college, there are so many changes that our life before seems like a distant memory. And as you go about your daily life, there are some things that might make you reminisce about your childhood and high school. When we have a whole lot of math homework
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Catching up with Troy Bolton

Back when the “High School Musical” trilogy came out, we at the Clog were still in elementary or middle school. So it’s safe to say that we grew up jamming to Sharpay’s beats and cheering on the Wildcats. It was only natural that we ended up going to the school Troy
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the last song

Clog’s favorite bad movies

We at the Clog understand better than anyone what it means to ignore our better judgement and succumb to our deepest, darkest desires (evidenced by the tens of thousands of hours collectively spent on BuzzFeed or Reddit). This same urge can take shape in the form of movies that we
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