High on life

For our floormate it’s weed; for the yogi it’s trail mix; for Ke$ha it’s your love. Be it ibuprofen or Mary Jane, everyone’s got their drug — and for us at the Clog, it’s life. That’s right, you heard us. Our personal preference for getting high is this thing called life.
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The Lonely Island returns to Berkeley High

In case you missed it, while most of us slept off another overloaded weekend of “homework” last lazy Sunday, The Lonely Island took a stroll down memory lane. This “creepy” comedic trio has recently been working on a project on their decisive upbringing in Berkeley, California. Retired from their eight-year stint
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Why you can’t get as high as you hoped on legal herbs

Student Bodies

It was freshman year, and I was bored with some friends on Telegraph. Happy High Herbs, a vendor of herbal remedies and supplements, had just opened, and the fluorescent troll painted on the storefront beckoned to us. “Something to do,” it said. When we went inside, we told the proprietors
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