Sample Sundays: A Farewell Dedication

That’s right, people. If you didn’t read the title (who even reads these days?), this is my sign off. I’m figuratively retiring my jersey, hanging up my cleats, taking off my gloves, unplugging the mic (I may pick one up some day, but for now I’ll continue to spit unintelligible
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Sample Sundays: From Ohio to Harlem

What’s good freaks and geeks? It’s Sunday, so it’s sample time suckas. It is also National Cruise Day. Now, I don’t think this day actually exists, but maybe it will swiffer the nation if enough people grab their girl, their boys, or just a guy on the street who needs
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Iconic hip-hop duo Black Star graces the Mezzanine

On Nov. 16th, Black Star — rappers Mos Def, now known as Yasiin Bey, and Talib Kweli — hit the Mezzanine in San Francisco. Known for their thought-provoking and introspective lyrics, Black Star has managed to stay in demand even though their last album came out over a decade ago.
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New track from hip-hop local act: The Bins

Local Bay Area artist The Bins released a new single as a free online download recently. This marks the group’s second release following up their debut EP, Every Minute of the Day Back. I had a chance to talk with Clark Barclay—the man behind the music—this past summer.


Jedi Mind Tricks: Violence Begets Violence

While the spoken-word opener could suggest that Jedi Mind Tricks’s latest album might continue the group’s previous style, Violence Begets Violence is a far cry from the former JMT that spoke of figures like Gandhi. Perhaps it’s the lack of founding producer/D.J. Stoupe, or maybe M.C.s Vinnie Paz and Jus
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Zion I of Oakland leads progressive hip-hop gala

The world of hip-hop is becoming more diverse each day. Rappers are exploring new styles and expanding their palette more so than ever before. From collaborations with artists of different genres, to mixing modern sounds with traditional methods, rappers and M.C.s are shattering the borders of rap stereotypes. Sure, there
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