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Remembrance of things past

When I was 18 and bitter and living in Unity House and helping plan a week’s worth of events for Trans Awareness Week, it occurred to me that we set aside no time just for our history. Awareness, sure. Days for remembrance and visibility, but not history. My interest in
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Protest on Sproul Plaza during the Free Speech Movement


It’s times like now, in early June, when Telegraph Avenue is sparse and Sproul Plaza is almost dead, when tourists outnumber students and strangers outnumber familiar faces, that Berkeley seems to breathe the life back into itself. I find myself looking at this place, for the first time since freshman
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What’s in a name?

Most of us have often been curious enough to ask our parents why they named us what they named us or have Googled what our names really mean. But have you ever wondered why the place that we’re living in is named the way it is? Is it just simply
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Major-specific Valentine’s Day cards

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is as full of stress as it is full of love. What are you supposed to get that special Berkeley babe that will show them you love and adore them? We at the Clog want Valentine’s Day to be nothing but a love fest, so give one
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philippine flag

UC Berkeley students talk Philippine Independence Day

One of the biggest holidays of the summer, and possibly America’s most iconic holiday overall, is Independence Day. But July 4 isn’t the only day of independence celebrated during the summer. Friday is Philippine Independence Day, or Araw ng Kasarinlan. Araw ng Kasarinlan commemorates the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain, after 300
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Roll on you Bears: an enlightened adventure

Who actually knows the meaning of the phrase “Roll on you Bears?” Determined to crack open that textbook you haven’t bothered with until now, you hike your way to Doe Library. After a pregame in the restroom (got to make sure you’re all settled to focus on the semi-urgent task at
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