Life in Color: Holi 2017

Taking place at the Foothill parking lot every year, Holi is a gathering of hundreds of students to observe a Hindu celebration. Cinematography by: Dapree Doyle, Ashley-Grace Vo, Nate Mahowald, Stephanie Lopez Editing by: Ashley-Grace Vo


Colors in the air at Holi

On Sunday, the Indian Student Association celebrated Holi, the festival of colors, in the Foothill Parking Lot. This video incorrectly states that Chaitanya Lall is the treasurer of the Indian Student Association and Aashali Shula is an internal intern of the Indian Student Association. In fact, Lall is the vice
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Top UC Berkeley Internet searches

The Daily Clog has decided to track the top Internet searches coming out of the UC Berkeley area to see the various reactions students and faculty have had to major events. The following is a tabulated list of the most searched terms, phrases and questions surrounding the major events of
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How to Holi: tips and tricks for Sunday’s festivities

Colorful is always a good word to describe the UC Berkeley campus. But the vibrancy of campus pales in comparison to the annual technicolor insanity that is the Indian Students Association’s, or ISA’s, Holi celebration. Every year, students from across campus gather in the UC Foothill Lot to celebrate the Indian festival of
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How to be culturally aware this weekend

All the South Asian cultural events seem to be falling into one neat little package this weekend. If you’re in the mood to throw all that homework you have out the window — which we always are; we just have incredible self-restraint — then this is the perfect opportunity to go participate in
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