Personal Essay: Catholi-schism

Jake Moore /Staff

I‘ve decided it’s best for me not to get confirmed.”   I’ll never forget the face my grandmother made when those words drove their way out of me with a sheepish rasp. I was 16 years old when I revoked my membership from the Catholic Church in front of Uncle
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Synthpop duo Holy Ghost! not haunted by convention

Although many electronic artists perform onstage with just their laptops, New York synthpop duo Holy Ghost! chooses to perform using a live band to recreate its sounds. Originally in hip-hop, Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser switched over to disco electro-dance and released their first EP as Holy Ghost! in 2010.
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Tunesday: Fashionably Late

Editor’s note: We’re publishing this special Thursday edition of Tunesday in honor of today’s fashion editorial. Enjoy! ­­Whether it’s an artist-specific Pandora station or a specially tailored compilation of tracks, there’s a soundtrack out there to go along with every activity you ever do. Raining outside? Beach House. Cooking Indian
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