Green Day_Frank Maddocks.Courtesy

Green Day thrills hometown crowd in UC Theatre performance

The line for Green Day’s performance at the recently refurbished UC Theatre on Thursday  stretched from the entrance, around the corner at Shattuck Avenue and then all the way to the Downtown Berkeley BART entrance. There’s nothing particularly interesting about that in and of itself; plenty of popular bands have
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Best friends apply here

Today is National Best Friends Day. This holiday coincides with everyone’s highly anticipated homecoming, so that got us thinking about how college changes a perspective on best friendship. When you really think about it, it’s pretty mind-boggling that people you know for less than a year could ever compare to those whom you’ve
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Found poem from hometown car decor

Perhaps nothing is as accurate in depicting a group of people as the things they decide to put on their cars. Between bumper stickers, window stickers and license plate frames, one can get a fairly accurate view of who a person truly is. One of our intrepid Cloggers decided to
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