How to console your friends during midterm season

It’s a rough life for all of us right now. We’re in the thick of midterm season, and we’re all struggling to keep a social life (just kidding, we’re UC Berkeley students so our social life is already nonexistent) while juggling our classes. Midterms are the worst, especially because here at UC Berkeley, midterms aren’t really midterms.
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Lianne Frick/Staff

Power ranking: best and worst libraries on campus

The libraries — everyone’s favorite (and sometimes least favorite) places to study. From Moffitt to Morrison, we all crave the feeling of studying in a clean, quiet space of our liking. We at the Clog base our library ranking on three distinct criteria: the most enjoyable library experience, hidden gem
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Quiz: How many assignments do you have due this week?

“What assignments do I care about least?” “What’s the lowest grade I can possibly get without failing out of this class?” It’s that time of year again, when every student has started to ask these pressing questions. With finals season just around the corner, we at the Clog decided to make
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What to pack for Thanksgiving break

It’s always hard to know what exactly to pack for your short trip back home (or wherever you’re headed) for Thanksgiving break. Do you pack clothes for the weekend, or do you rely on the remnants of whatever you have in your closet back home? Do you bring back books,
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