New cafe Gadani opens in Downtown Berkeley

Berkeley residents can now enjoy a refreshing scoop of ice cream on a toasty egg puff waffle with the recent addition of Gadani, an earthy and simplistically designed café that officially opened its doors Saturday in Downtown Berkeley.
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A glimpse into I-House student experiences

Exchange students living at the International House share their experiences and cultural shocks related to the city and campus. They reflect on some of their unusual experiences, such as the Greek culture here and discuss why coming to UC Berkeley to study is a great opportunity.
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Hong Kong

Hong Kong: City of paradoxes

Britain’s daughter and China’s surrogate child — or maybe it’s the other way around — Hong Kong is a strange island of paradoxes. Seven million people are stacked high and dense here, yet walking through the narrow, winding streets brushing shoulders with strangers, even as I trailed behind my family
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