Hong Kong

Hong Kong: City of paradoxes

Britain’s daughter and China’s surrogate child — or maybe it’s the other way around — Hong Kong is a strange island of paradoxes. Seven million people are stacked high and dense here, yet walking through the narrow, winding streets brushing shoulders with strangers, even as I trailed behind my family
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Citations for sale

Saudi university boosts rankings by aggressively recruiting world's top researchers

King Abdulaziz University, a little-known university in Saudi Arabia, ranks seventh in the world in mathematics, edging out other universities with reputable math departments. But their newfound prestige is a product of an aggressive recruitment program targeting some of the world’s top scientists.
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Demonstrators run from smoke during a protests in Hong Kong. In recent days, protests have rocked the city as civilians take to the streets to push for democratic changes.

Protesters gather in Hong Kong with a central purpose

Plumes of smoke rose over Hong Kong’s central districts as riot police used tear gas, pepper spray and batons in clashes with protesters engaged in a long-planned civil disobedience movement Sunday to push for universal suffrage and various democratic changes — what experts are calling the largest such protest in
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Campus student jockeys for success in DJ competitions

Thumping bass, sublime fusions of tracks and a roaring crowd. These are the norm for fourth-year UC Berkeley student Heather Lui, also known as DJ Eszair, spinning electro-house mixes for campus and clubs alike. Lui recently participated in the Campus DJ competition as part of the top-five Bay Area collegiate
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A whirlwind Chinese adventure

A tiny blob of light became visible through the airplane window. I blinked a few times, still groggy from sleeping for the better part of 15 hours, and as the blob grew bigger and bigger, a familiar feeling crept up inside me, at once exciting and mundane. I was about
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