How to stay warm in Berkeley

With the winter months not too far ahead, and the weather (maybe) cooling down, it’s definitely time to start thinking about ways to stay warm and comfy in Berkeley. If you’re totally at a loss for how to keep your SoCal self cozy, have no fear, for the Clog’s here
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Impossible UC Berkeley sex scenarios

It’s no secret that as young, collegiate adults, many of us are in our sexual prime. This is our time to try new things and get creative in — and out — of the bedroom. When esoteric sleep schedules are coupled with the perpetual pressure of work, sometimes our delirious
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Is your spring fling the real thing?

Maybe staying in Berkeley to study for the GRE or secure that internship this summer wasn’t on your list of most ideal ways to spend your vacation days. But you did what you had to do, and you made sure those beautiful spring hours were spent with an equally beautiful someone. Here
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North Gate

Is it seriously still hot, October?

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s currently way too hot outside. Oh, and it’s October. It’s supposed to be the time for comfy sweaters, long boots and fluffy scarves. Instead we’re stuck wearing the same tank top we’ve been wearing since last semester’s RRR Week. Walks to class are an anger-filled,
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4 cold meals for hot days

You know what’s oppressive? The system? Maybe. “The Man”? Possibly. But we were actually thinking about the heat. Sometimes you really want to cook something creative and complex, but the heat seems to push you away from the kitchen. Experimenting with recipes suddenly seems much less fun once you realize
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