Address the housing crisis with BART

Isabella Schreiber/Staff

For getting around the Bay Area, BART is one of the most convenient and fast methods available. Although BART riders can experience delays, the trains are generally on time, and riders don’t experience the stress or traffic of driving or taking the bus. The only real downside to this method of transportation is the cost.
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Ways to slide by the great Berkeley housing crisis

It’s probably going to get us all at one point. It’s the great Berkeley housing crisis, where a cramped two-bedroom studio apartment can easily go for more than $3,000. Not quite the ideal living situation that already cash-strapped students were going for. But fear not — the Clog is here to alleviate your subletting blues. Need
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An illustration of columnist Annalise Kamegawa.

Annalise: A Newport girl

At This Point

Much of my childhood had looked like those exuberant Rococo era paintings from the 18th century, but replace the hoop skirts and powdered wigs with lululemon leggings and “natural” blondes.
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