The different types of housing in Berkeley

Campus residence halls Campus residence halls are all about convenience. Their full cleaning staff, close proximity to campus and included meal plans mean reduced obligations that will give you that much more time to worry about your upcoming midterm. But all this convenience comes at a cost. With rent ranging
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Feng Shui2

How to give your apartment better feng shui

An ancient practice developed by the Chinese more than 3,000 years ago, feng shui aims to cultivate a relationship between you and your environment to achieve an improved life. Even without special feng shui tools, any Berkeley student has the potential to get good qi flowing. You (and your roommate)
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Catherine Strauss_online

Summer Rites of the Delta Upsilons

Last spring, my friend and I made the decision to dwell among the Delta Upsilons during the summer. When initiated, we prepared ourselves for a foreign living experience. Located on the south side of town, the Delta Upsilon tribe, Greek letters ΔΥ, is an all-male group that resides between the
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