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It’s all Greek to you


It has happened so many times that it feels like a single, repeated memory. I’ll be walking back from discussion or dance practice with a new classmate or teammate also heading east up Channing Way. As we reach an intersection, I stop her from turning down the street without me.
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‘HIMYM’ ultimately falls flat at the finish line

After nine long seasons filled with heartbreak and laughter, “How I Met Your Mother” has finally aired its last episode, leaving fans everywhere saying, “You son of a bitch!” — Lily Aldrin style. This show started out as a heartwarming display of how special friendship is in the quest for
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The ‘literal’ truth

Stopping by Avant Card to pick up a birthday card on my way home one day, I saw a card that read, “Misuse of ‘literally’ makes me figuratively insane.” I could not believe I had found a card that described my feelings toward the absurdity of modern vernacular so perfectly. Ever
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how i met your mother

Lessons learned from ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Not many 30-minute television shows have enough momentum going to generate a serious fan base. Sure, you have your die-hard “Friends” and “Seinfeld” fans, but the majority of half-hour sitcoms end up fading out of production quietly after a few years, barely missed. The CBS hit “How I Met Your
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10 Ways To Avoid Cal Day

10 ways to avoid Cal Day

For all of us who shrink from the premise of human contact, Cal Day isn’t necessarily the most exciting time of year. The massive number of people jammed into the normally vast Sproul can bring out that inner sense of claustrophobia you held in as a child, and if you’re
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The 5 stages of Senioritis

Lately, some of us here at the Clog have been exhibiting some pretty inexplicable, albeit inexcusable, behavior. Is it some of that spring in the air? Or maybe something funky in our coffee? Nope! Friends, this is Senioritis. If midterms haven’t already started, they’re just around the corner, and the
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