How to repurpose protest signs

A truly burning question! UC Berkeley students are very environmentally conscious (and also, of course, politically conscious), and it’s important to recognize the many trees that have sacrificed their lives so we could support what we believe in. The planet is slowly warming, people, and it needs your help. So,
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Crossroads for everyone

Each residence hall-dwelling student faces a question that every parent will eventually ask — how’s the dining hall food? This Thanksgiving, you could tell them, or you could show them. We’ve created a guide to recreating some of Crossroad’s signature dishes so your parents can truly engage in the Berkeley dining
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How to eat a 4-course meal in class

Now that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, we at the Clog know you’re thinking about that upcoming multi-course meal. We know you’re craving pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes and turkey in every class every single day, so we want to help you out. We have determined a way that
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How to Welcome Week

The fall 2015 semester is right around the corner and although no one’s excited for Chem 3B or Math 1A to start, everyone’s excited for Welcome Week. After a summer away from our friends, a week of reconnecting, open frat parties and no class is just what everyone needs. For the
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How to be a friendly Bear host

As many students who stay in Berkeley over the summer may experience, many of your classmates seem to not be experienced Golden Bears. Many non-UC Berkeley students come for classes, summer programs and internships at and around UC Berkeley every summer. Don’t be arrogant. Don’t be shy. We at the Clog advise
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How to interact with high school acquaintances

We’ve all been there. You’ve opted out of staying in Berkeley over the summer and decided to go home. You’re out and about. Let’s say you’re at the movie theaters and in line for popcorn. You’re deciding if you really do need that slurpee when out of the corner of
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How to make your own jam

Who makes their own jam? Really, other than huge companies and provincial fruit farmers who have stands at the markets on Saturdays, who does? Unlike, say, guacamole or hummus, jam isn’t something that you process as a spread you can make yourself. Maybe it seems cumbersome or time consuming, but
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