The scarlet letters: HPV

Queerly Political


It felt humanizing to receive health care that respected my sexual orientation. The doctors at Planned Parenthood understood that neither gender nor sex is a binary.
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You can’t leave college disease-free

Safe, Sane and Consensual

If only we could leave college unscathed. We’d stroll out between the green pillars of Sather Gate as perfect specimens of sparkling, shiny, well-versed 20-somethings ready to tackle a world with its arms spread wide to embrace us. Unfortunately, the all-nighters and Adderall binges, the romantic misadventures and alcohol-fueled mishaps,
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Should I be worried about HPV?

Ask Me Anyway

If there’s anything I learned about fear, it’s that fear is the most sincere and effective motivator to either change something, fix something, beat something or become something.
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kia newest

Going out with a (sappy) bang

Sex on Tuesday

“Did you just finish?” “Uh, yeah.” “Cool. Just checking.” OK, that was an anticlimactic ending to my middle-of-the-night screw session with my ex-boyfriend-turned-fuck-buddy a few days ago, but it really was the end of it. I don’t think I’m usually the type to have grand reflections on life during such
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