Why not both?

How the Daily Cal threw a wrench in my best-laid college plans

Mug of Imad Pasha, who just graduated from college

Many freshmen arrive at UC Berkeley and are faced with difficult choices — with numerous open roads and routes to pursue in college, all encompassed by the feeling steeped in the word “undeclared.” I was not one of those students.
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Breadth or death

Breadth courses have an active role in every UC Berkeley student’s life. Whether you’re one of the chosen few who only have a five-course requirement or a mere mortal who engages with the other plebeians in the seven-course quest, nearly every semester each and everyone of us is given the chance to
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A tale of two Berkeleys

The friction between science and the humanities traces back to the inception of Western academia. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics is often discussed with awe, while jokes are told sardonically in bars and student lounges about the flimsy humanities degree. People engage in friendly and not-so-friendly debates over notions of
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Top 5 most attractive majors at UC Berkeley

As much as we try to steer away from the stereotype that some majors have better-looking students than others, these stereotypes have to have developed from somewhere. We hate to break it to you, but certain majors and classes just look better walking out of the lecture halls than do
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A book recommendation for every major

With reading lists for classes keeping us busy all day and up all night, it can be hard to think about taking time away from our assigned reading to read for pleasure. It’s unfortunate that it is so hard to find the time to read for fun anymore. This is
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The ongoing debate between technicals and humanities

Subliminal Signification

A professor of mine once said, “The world needs different kinds of people.” It was a deeply insightful statement, although it was quickly glossed over. Her statement never quite struck me until I recognized the huge divide between students studying different fields at UC Berkeley, particularly the so-called humanities and
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Slacker student reading trends for spring 2014

Welcome back to another beautiful semester at UC Berkeley, complete with overweight squirrels, bipolar weather and — most importantly (to our dismay) — endless piles of homework. Notable among said unpleasant piles is the impossible volume of reading we students are assigned, as if professors assume we have nothing better to
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