Picks of the week: The great indoors

Despite what the multitude of jet-skiing and hiking pictures on Facebook might suggest, there indeed exists a group of us who prefer to stay inside. There’s AC, automatic immunity from sunburns and, most importantly, reliable WiFi. However, if you’ve already gone through all of the best museums and bookstores that
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Based god heard my prayers: finding hope in the Lil B app

You know the routine: wake up, wipe the sleep out of your eyes and … grab your phone. Check your notifications. Two texts — both from your mom. Ignore those for now. An email — ah, it’s from Travelocity. Never mind. Three Snapchats from your high-school buddy! These should be
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Off the Beat: Three huge little words

When I woke up last Sunday, it wasn’t Mother’s Day. It was just another morning that seemed best spent in bed until I was awoken by a text from my mother asking if I wanted my absentee ballot mailed to me from my home in Los Angeles. I shot upright
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