Heartbreak Radio

Cutting Room Floor

Yet the more time I spent with the melodramatic heartbreak melodies, I realized there were more than two genres of breakup music.
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Daily Cal Abroad

Studying abroad is a sure-fire way of enriching your college experience and expanding your horizons. Below are some shots of Daily Cal staff members enjoying their own times abroad!
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Hip-Hop Hour: Kendrick celebrates himself

Does anyone remember when “i” first dropped? It had been two years since we were hooked to the atmospheric swirls of Good Kid, and the thirst was real. Then we were caught off guard. The dense, syrupy fog of Good Kid had been lifted, and what we heard was chipper.
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peta2 at Cal: Why did the chicken come to Sproul Plaza?

Most of us have seen — or at least heard of — a number of bloody, grotesque documentaries about abused farm animals. But last week, UC Berkeley students were exposed to a new sort of awareness campaign: a virtual experience centered on the treatment of chickens. On Sept. 3 and 4, a large, black
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