Celebrating National Ice Cream Day at SoMa StrEat Food Park


In case you weren’t aware, Sunday was National Ice Cream Day. If you’re anything like us, every day is National Ice Cream Day, but it’s always nice when our favorite dessert option gets recognized with its own national holiday. This is, in part, because cool cities such as San Francisco devote
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Kai Ridenoure/Senior Staff

Scoop Dreams vs. CREAM

I was a fat kid. Standing on the chewed asphalt of De Portola Elementary, I watched my schoolmates play handball. I sucked my stomach inward and held my breath. The thrumming of the red plastic sphere made me cringe, so I tried to look introspective. Nobody ever asked me to
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CREAM expands to Stanford

Breaking news: More Bay Area locals will now be able to experience the sweet goodness that is a CREAM sandwich. CREAM, arguably a grand favorite of Berkeley and East Bay residents, will soon branch out and open another shop. While we applaud the expansion of our favorite supplier of sugary
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