Quiz: Which Berkeley dessert place are you?

From CREAM to Yogurt Land, there’s no shortage of dessert places in Berkeley. These delicious places cause us to lose lots of money weekly. We eat there so much, in fact, that perhaps we have started to become them. So in this week of Clog, we have decided to see
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Sunset article

What to do with the unexpectedly nice weather

After what seems to us like years of rain and cold, it’s a very welcome surprise to be experiencing such beautiful weather. The sky is clear and sunny, and it’s warm enough to leave home without a jacket, not to mention a rain layer. Of course, those of you from
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cake 1

Your first weekend in desserts

It’s been a long week. Even with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off from classes, the first week has been rough. Getting into a new routine is always difficult and we at the Clog feel your pain. We’ve decided to take the time to celebrate something that never changes: your
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5 ways to treat yourself after finals

Yes, finals are approaching. Yes, those pesky final papers and projects are almost due. Yes, this is the craziest time of the semester. Instead of dreading those end-of-semester assignments so much, however, tackle those bad boys and finish up your school responsibilities with the intent of treating yourself amazingly afterward. Having
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The hunt for the best chocolate ice cream in Berkeley

Ice cream is the solution to all of life’s problems, and ice cream in Berkeley is a topic near and dear to our hearts. There are more than 30 places to get ice cream within a two-mile radius of campus, with an astounding array of flavors and colors. It’s impossible to determine
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7 must-try desserts in Berkeley

Berkeley is a city full of unique cuisines and amazing flavors on every block. Whether you’re searching for new ways to please your sweet tooth or looking for something to take your mind off the impending doom of midterms, here are seven desserts in Berkeley that every student must try.
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