Crossing the line

Off the Beat

Over the last few months of writing a weekly column about my mixed background, I’ve realized how proud I am to be biracial in spite of the occasional sense of exclusion. I’ve talked about what racial categories mean to me, discussed the feeling of being excluded from my Algerian side
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Making a name for myself

Alien on Campus

That afternoon, my friends and I came up with Andra, which both originated from my first name and would sound less foreign in the United States. And just like that, I was baptized.
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Ismael Farooqui

Diversity without conflict?

The Campus on a Hill

The value of diversity on our campus can be described as a civil state of conflict among different groups of people. If we don’t recognize this delicate balance holding our campus up, we may allow the collapse of the very diversity we cherish.
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Nicole Kim Mug

For my name’s sake

Berkeley Got Back

As a Korean American, I am always faced with a perhaps trivial decision: Should I go by Dohee Kim or Nicole Kim?
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Deciding my own name

Off the Beat

Nothing will change unless I make the active decision to confront my indecision and find something solid to hold onto.
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Chocolate Frosting

How to Muslim: For Dummies

I am shoved to this podium when I have no right to be other than the religion I so staunchly defended as a seven-year-old and live through today.
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Coming out of my cage

Heading West

I am from Houston, Texas. At least, that is what I say on day one of discussion section whenever we go around making our introductions.
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