What’s in the box?

Off the Beat

I love making lists, I love creating spreadsheets and I especially love filling boxes. Honestly, one time, I went an entire month waking up in the morning and planning out an hour-by-hour schedule for me to follow just so that each hour-shaped box in my mental calendar was filled. I
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Personal essay: the “In-Betweeners”

“Y“ou can tell who’s a dancer by what they’re wearing,” declared my Adidas track pants-clad, incredibly agile friend as we sat in front of the studio on the second floor of Eshleman Hall, gazing out onto Lower Sproul. Lower Sproul after 6 p.m, in between the consolidation of dance teams
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Curating my culture crisis

Cutting Room Floor

During RRR Week of last semester, I visited my linguistic professor’s office to clarify some concepts she had mentioned in the last lecture. I asked her about prototypes, the most central cases of a category. A robin, for example, is a more prototypical member of the bird category than a
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Assorted clichés: my unwritten travel blog

I walked assuredly down the street a couple weeks ago in Paris, iPhone in hand and overstuffed backpack secured firmly to my shoulders. My passport and wallet hung tightly to the right side of my body in an ugly, copiously zippered black satchel I purchased before going abroad — something
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Thank God for the first generation

A Whole New World

It is time, then, to appreciate the first generation and the ones who are rapidly forgotten. It is time to revisit how much they did for us and how much we did not understand in our younger years.
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dream illustration

Deviant Dream

Deviant Dream: intellegencia queen Light, she is prone of it, she is immune to it. It drowns upon the faces of everyone else but she- But she — a deviant being, a socially deviant being. She done learnt to survive — cockroach ass human being! The light reject her because
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Positive stereotypes are hurtful, too

Social Double-take

Negative stereotypes are widely acknowledged as harmful, so they’re often effectively rejected. But positive stereotypes, which are widely embraced and even considered flattering, can be equally detrimental.
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Off the beat: I can’t count in English, and I love it

Once, at a party, a friend turned to me and somewhat drunkenly asked, “So, like, what exactly are you?” Despite the weird way she phrased her question, I understood what she meant — but only because I’ve been asked this question numerous times in a variety of ways. As I
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