Positive stereotypes are hurtful, too

Social Double-take

Negative stereotypes are widely acknowledged as harmful, so they’re often effectively rejected. But positive stereotypes, which are widely embraced and even considered flattering, can be equally detrimental.
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Off the beat: I can’t count in English, and I love it

Once, at a party, a friend turned to me and somewhat drunkenly asked, “So, like, what exactly are you?” Despite the weird way she phrased her question, I understood what she meant — but only because I’ve been asked this question numerous times in a variety of ways. As I
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Off the beat: The other twin

Growing up, I was always the second twin. I was the one who sat for the second half of an hour-long piano lesson, the one who introduced myself after my sister, the one who said I wanted to be doctor or a veterinarian or work at a zoo when I
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The best of both worlds?

Sex on Tuesday

Each time I tell someone I’m “bi,” there’s an inherent fear of being invalidated and then not being able to substantiate myself. When I am drawn to someone’s looks or personality, I don’t see a man or a woman. I just see an attractive person. People ask me all the time if deep down I have more of a preference for one or the other, and honestly, I don’t. When it comes to loving somebody, gender is nothing but a social and physical constraint.
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

Naturalizing American identity

Savage Heart Murmurs

Though laws determine American citizenship, we unconsciously define American identity. Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas spoke at the March 10 federal DREAM Act rally on Sproul last Saturday to support the four marchers in their trek to Washington, D.C. In pursuing the eight-month long journey, these undocumented immigrants have
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