Struggles of moving into a new apartment

As summer draws to an end, many of us are frantically rushing around our houses trying to track down that last sock or power strip before packing all of our essentials into various bags and heading back to school. Unless you stayed in Berkeley over the summer or haven’t switched apartments, there’s a pretty good chance that right now you’re preparing to move into your apartment for the upcoming school year. While many people had subletters, so they at least have their place furnished, it’s still a hassle trying to move every single one of your most prized possessions. As we at the Clog scramble to settle in for the start of the semester, we feel your pain and understand the hardest parts of moving into a new apartment.
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Ikea furniture

Ikea hacks: Personalize your apartment

Being a college student means that 90 percent of your furniture is from Ikea. The low prices and functionality of their designs make it an obvious choice as the premier furnisher of the destitute college student. The durability of Ikea furniture is questionable but in a way that only further rationalizes
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You are the things you own

I first found Filip, a 22-year-old Slovakian medical student, in a dazed state at London Heathrow Airport, where he sat with his knees pulled up to his chest and his bags scattered around him at the departures security check entrance. He made the same mistake that I did, booking a
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Local homeless shelter awarded Ikea makeover

The McKinley Family Transitional House in Berkeley was awarded a comprehensive makeover this month after winning a contest run by IKEA. The McKinley facility — which is operated by East Bay nonprofit group Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency, or BOSS — provides up to two years of temporary housing for homeless
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Cool down this summer with boozy popsicles

Alcohol in a popsicle? Count us in. Clog made some Cal colored “poptails” that are sure to impress at your next summer party, especially if you pair them with a Margarita cupcake. You can purchase a popsicle mold or use plastic cups and popsicle sticks to make them. We picked up
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Holiday sales to look out for

This Thursday will see red, white and blue plastered up and down nearly every street, American flags flying proud. And maybe a pom pom or two lining the more enthusiastic neighbors’ doors. But for those of you inclined to some good ole’ discounts to top off  fireworks, the Clog has
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