Musings of the 1.5

Cultural Crossroads

If you’ve often felt conflicted about popular aspects of American culture, like drinking or sexuality, chances are your value system has been impacted by a different culture. Perhaps it’s been influenced by your parents, your friends or where you grew up. You may even be part of the 1.5 generation
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bpd opinion

Improve local policing programs

End association with secure communities

Imagine yourself picked up by the Berkeley police on a minor matter. You’re quickly cleared for release, but the cops see that you were once suspected — NOT CONVICTED — of a more serious offense.
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

Naturalizing American identity

Savage Heart Murmurs

Though laws determine American citizenship, we unconsciously define American identity. Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas spoke at the March 10 federal DREAM Act rally on Sproul last Saturday to support the four marchers in their trek to Washington, D.C. In pursuing the eight-month long journey, these undocumented immigrants have
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