Fortunes told at Impact Theater

In 2006, Impact Theatre debuted the very first edition of “Jukebox Stories” — a two-man show featuring stories and songs performed and written by playwright Prince Gomolvilas and singer-songwriter Brandon Patton, respectively. What began as an experiment in the basement theatre underneath La Val’s Pizza, which Impact calls home, is
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‘The Fisherman’s Wife’ tickles with tentacles

Imagine with me, if you will, a common scenario. There’s a man and a wife. They’ve been together for a while. The heat they once shared has all but died out. Instead of any romance, they just have rows, and in place of any affection, there’s just stale, monotonous boredom.
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This week in arts

Film Readers know I have talked about “Melancholia” ad nauseum, but this Thursday, Feb. 23 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco could be your last chance to see Lars von Trier’s spectacular film on the big screen. It’s kind of a trek, but witnessing “Melancholia” — which stars Kirsten
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“Working for the Mouse” returns to Impact Theater

“Working for the Mouse”, brainchild of Trevor Allen, one-man show extraordinaire, is being revived at the Impact Theater, located in the basement of La Val’s Pizza on the north side of campus. Based on Allen’s time spent as a teenage actor playing Disney characters at the SoCal theme park, “Working
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