7 spots to watch the sunrise

You probably don’t even remember the last time you went to your 8 a.m. A great sunrise, however, is something very special and well worth waking up for. We’ve selected some of the best places nearby to do just that.
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Alice Langford/File

Where to go when you get a visitor

There’s so much to do in Berkeley, yet sometimes, it feels like we’re trapped in a bubble with nothing to do at all. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here at The Clog, we’re always looking for new places to go, new foods to try and scenic hills with beautiful skyline and sunset views. Whether you’re hungry or have a craving for nature, you’re sure to find something on this list that you can do next time your friend visits.
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Berkeley summer picnic spots

As we enter into the heat of summer, chances are your summer funds are running a little low. Too many dinners out, some new tank top splurges and a couple weekend getaways can all lead you to being virtually broke. To save some money and transportation costs, why not take
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Berkeley fireworks hotspots

The Fourth of July is a classic hometown holiday. You may have spent your childhood running up and down the streets you grew up on, marching in your town’s parade and finding the perfect place to catch your local fireworks show. If you’re spending the summer in Berkeley, this hometown experience does have to be altered just a bit. We at the Clog may not be able to recreate your town’s annual bike parade, but we can suggest some local places to catch a neat fireworks display.
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Sunset article

What to do with the unexpectedly nice weather

After what seems to us like years of rain and cold, it’s a very welcome surprise to be experiencing such beautiful weather. The sky is clear and sunny, and it’s warm enough to leave home without a jacket, not to mention a rain layer. Of course, those of you from
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